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Pharma (i.e., Medical) Related

September, 2013

Pharma (i.e., Medical) Related+

ISO develops “pharma” (i.e., medical) related database management systems, games, and applications including 3D, 2D, mobile apps, web sites, and everything...

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Making Mobile Game Distribution Work+

Mobile games (which include tablets) often have more than one path to success and sometimes even multiple lives. ISO is...

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Bloomers! know + grow+

Bloomers Island is a virtual world for children ages 4-10. Players get to choose an avatar, customize their avatar, chat...

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Fun Style Art+

If, as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” then ISO must have spoken a gazillion of...

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Discovery Channel+

The Discovery Channel – Jimi Rock World is all about education, exploration, philanthropy and fun! This virtual world is an...

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