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About ISO
The "ISOtypes" (People)
Our type does things right, the first time.
Our "ISOtypes" builds and distributes mobile apps,
award winning designs and social games.
I know, I know - everyone states how many years of experience they have, and all about their
unique process. Honestly, our process is not so unique.
Well it's sort of common sense
We give honest estimates, assemble the appropriate team, develop comprehensive documentation, establish internal and client protocols, and develop solid, unique experiences.

Each of our team members have specific or cross-expertise to complete the tasks at/or above expectations. From architecture and management, to design and development, our teams really do have what it takes.

Over the years our teams have worked directly with other agencies, developers, and partners to help create parts or entire projects from "soup to nuts." So if you are an agency or developer we are very open to work together.

Yes, we prefer the word "partner" over the word "client." After all, it is a team effort to obtain success.

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We make engaging social and mobile experiences
At ISO we are not super big, but we are super good.
From introduction to execution we turn your imagination into a solution.

ISO can design as well as develop for mobile apps, websites, games, animations, specialty projects, and more. We can also support specialty technologies for social and game experiences and the monetization tactics for them.

Keeping the quality up by dedicating ourselves to a finite number of engagements.
We have been around for a bit and work directly for clients and through agencies for known entities such as Coca-Cola, Dasani, Harry Potter Fans, GE, Fender Guitars, Equifax, numerous movie launches, the US Military, and many more.

But the majority of our relationships include very interesting specialty projects for mobile iOS/Android and web from clients all around the world.

ISO has been recognized by Adobe® Systems, receiving its Site of the Day Award (twice). Once for our groundbreaking Harry Potter Chamber of Chat - Social Virtual World Environment and a second time for a virtual world client project . Additional accolades include publications in creative magazines and articles, nomination for a Webby Award for the Coca-Cola site, several SmartFoxServer Show Case Awards, a Digital Community Award from PRIXARS and a Designer Spotlight Recognition from IStockphoto. Let us know what we can do together.

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Skills & Technology
Oh yeah - we have skills.
Skills for Social, Mobile, and Specialty stuff.
We use the correct technologies cohesively to create total solutions. We even have our own systems for member management and tested game code to make things easier. Reduce your development time and produce a stellar product.

Let' s not forget about ongoing support, hosting, monetization strategies and distribution partnerships.

Helping to get games to market is only part of the process.
Projects have a lot of parts, and we know them all.
It starts with an idea, and it goes from there. From project planning to project completion we have the ability to support all items as needed for a successful venture on multiple platforms.

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