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Old School Pinball Anyone?

Old School Pinball Anyone?+

A new feature on our site. We created an easy fun HTML5 game. Have you ever played pinball? Well now...

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ISO Expands to California+

Meet Charles, he is supporting our new Business Development Division for ISO Interactive in San Francisco California. Name: Charles W. Hsu. Position: Business Development Company:...

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MyMe Games+

The MyMeTM Facebook & Mobile Opportunity Documents and Statement of Work are...

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The ISO Interactive Member Internet Management System (or ISO MIMS) provides online access to control member information for games. ISO Interactive MIMS© Platform Customized...

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Building the New ISO Site+

A little insight on the development of the ISO Interactive website. Hooking up SmartFoxServer and HTML5 and making it work across all platforms...

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ISO Expands To Europe+

We are proud to announce that we have expanded our team to Europe. ISO has added a number of great...

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GDC (Game Developer Conference) – ISO Swag Giveaway!+

Hello loyal ISO followers! We wanted to show-off  the prizes we are giving away at GDC (Game Developer Conference) 2013 in San Francisco ....

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Zombie Wonderland 2+

Have fun blowing away Zombies and saving the town – just know you may have to clean up your mess....

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Candy Sports mobile game+

Candy Sports Mobile Game Skittles®, Starburst® & Life Savers® — and inspired by Kinect Sports: Season Two! End Client: WRIGLEY...

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Harry Potter virtual world+

Making a virtual world system for the fans. Cast spells, meet friends, and play games! End Client: Harry Potter Fans Agency...

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Micro Office with portfolio+

Producing our second generation ISO MICRO OFFICE was actually a much harder project than the original. But we wanted to create...

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Kid Command+

An eco-friendly themed, unique mixed style of Virtual World and game play that not only brings the “stickiness factor” to...

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All Star Buddies+

All Star Buddies is a sports-themed virtual world for kids (ages 6+) where a healthy, positive lifestyle is reinforced through...

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