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List of Achievements, Recognitions & Awards

List of Achievements, Recognitions & Awards+

Just a list of some things we have done. Decided to put it on one list. STUFF THAT WE ARE...

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Interview – Jaycen Thorgeirson of UviaUs+

Getting the full attention of your intended audience is not the easiest thing. You send emails, try calling, texting, send...

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Interview – Shane Liddell of Smart Crowdfunding+

The world of crowdfunding can be a  little daunting. There are so many pieces to the puzzle and so many...

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9 Tips to Get More Clients+

Every business has at least a few universal challenges. In this article, we are focusing on two of those; gaining...

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New Card Design, Super Thick, Super Slick!+

A fresh card design was needed and at the time we almost ran out of business cards! Previous designs were...

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UVIDEO Case Study on Tangible Promotion+

  Like creative ideas and cool stuff to leave with your clients? We’re talking about things that they will actually...

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ISO Interactive Published in HAKIN9 – IT Security Magazine+

We team up with partners to build small and large scale projects for Facebook, social networks,iPhone, Android, websites, etc. These can...

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A Few Customer Testimonials for ISO Interactive+

We just had a chance to add a few customer testimonials. People want to know what others have to say about...

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2014 Best of Atlanta Awards – Web Designer+

We finally received an Atlanta award. Locally most companies don’t recognize all the national awards we have. So being recognized...

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ISO Interactive Received a GOLD Communicator Award!+

Yah – we should’ve start applying for more awards but we sort of just started again. Better late than never....

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Mixing HTML5 with Other Technologies+

Use of HTML5, SmartFoxServer, and PottyMouth in a responsive design. Yes it can be done in an interesting and social...

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ISO Interactive MINI OFFICE+

We revived and revamped a unique project designed specially for our clients. It’s what you call a “leave behind” piece....

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Interview – PottyMouth CEO+

Every once in a while ISO Interactive interviews a particular developer, designer or agency. In this case it was based...

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Project Management Efficiency+

If you are a Project Manger or Producer at an interactive agency – then this article is for you. Manage your...

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Making Mobile Game Distribution Work+

Mobile games (which include tablets) often have more than one path to success and sometimes even multiple lives. ISO is...

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Using the ONVERT Feature+

ONVERT is a augmented reality QR code reader for your mobile device. You just download the app for your iOS...

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