Meet Charles, he is supporting our new Business Development Division for ISO Interactive in San Francisco California.

Name: Charles W. Hsu.
Position: Business Development
Company: ISO Interactive
Location: San Francisco CA

About Charles:

Don’t let Charles’ super happy face fool you. He is serious. Serious about ISO Interactive BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Oh man — he is soo serious. Ok all kidding aside, I am not really sure if he even has a remotely bubbly personality at all.  The picture is quite deceptive.

But — he is honest, knowledgeable, hard working, and loves what we are doing at ISO!

Currently, Charles manages the game trailer and video production business through
Media Elements LLC and now exclusively joined ISO Interactive in business needs for
game development. He has expressed to us that having the right team, the right skills, and the right “go get it” attitude can reveal all sorts of opportunities. He can now offer his clients great mobile, tablet, and web games.

With ISO Interactive, clients can now have games and interactive experiences built from start to completion. Specializing in building engaging and social experiences ISO uses a cohesive combination of HTML5, Unity 3D, Flash, Java, SmartFoxServer, and other useful technologies.



Charles brings great client relations, confidence, and experience to our San Francisco division of ISO Interactive and we are glad to have him.

If you are in the California, San Francisco area or any other place in the world and would like to discuss a project and/or would like to know more about what ISO Interactive has to offer, please feel free to contact him directly.

Charles W. Hsu