ONVERT is a augmented reality QR code reader for your mobile device. You just download the app for your iOS or Android device and scan the code. It will come to life with augmented reality. 


ISO website update / ONVERT augmented reality
Visit: http://www.isointeractive.com

New Feature:

Using ONVERT to expand QR code functions. 

Lots of people are scanning QR tags in magazines, have campaigns and such. It is becoming the norm to scan and click to an URL. But ONVERT does something different. It allows you to scan an image and have augmented reality pop out with sound. The free version allows you to do several layers and the paid version allows full 3D.

Well on the home page our our site we are adding it to the main ISO Virtual World to show off the newest feature. In game terms it is sort of an easter egg.  You just scan the QR code on my site with the ONVERT app and see it come pop out of the screen.

Get the App:

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