Getting the full attention of your intended audience is not the easiest thing. You send emails, try calling, texting, send a gift or a bottle of wine, etc.. Yet, how do you deliver a lasting impression that also communicates that you are the guy (or gal) to go to for a particular service? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words how much is a video delivered in a way that gets undivided attention?

Interview Jaycen Thorgeirson – CEO of UviaUs

Author: Troy Hipolito

About UviaUs  

 ISO Interactive likes to partner with good people that offer insight and positive actions that result in mutual benefits. I think it’s also called a Greater than Zero Sum or a Positive Sum Relationship.

One such relationship is with UviaUs. They are experts in adding the “special” in specialty marketing. There is lots of marketing via social media and then there is marketing via physical tangible items. These tangible items are what we are referring to as specialty marketing. With UviaUs, these tangibles are combined with a digital asset. Such items tend to carry their value for a longer period of time.

What makes this so special?

It’s a handheld video player in a cool design! It adds a tangible component and personal value to the receiver. It makes the client feel special. So, in a nutshell, that is what UviaUs does—provides customized content in a tangible format for a finite number of special clients, customers and partners.

With their full suite of creative services, UviaUs has helped create boxes with flip open magnetic handles to multiple sized brochures with built-in video players—increasing
ISO Interactive’s brand recognition, exclusivity, and longevity.

UviaUs & ISO partnered project 

  ISO Interactive develops award-winning projects for traditional development and emerging technologies. These are typically for startups, agencies, and companies. From soup to nuts, we work on things like the Coca-Cola site management system, Xbox mobile Apps, Fortune 500 employee management platforms and lots of very specific startup app type projects.

We want to stay in the mind of our clients (like all the time if possible). Business cards, mailers, and emails were simply not enough. What are the chances that someone will keep a business card on their desk? Maybe if it was a super special card made of gold. However, most of them get thrown in a file or worse, straight in the trash.

So, we came up with a special box. It looked like the kind of box software used to come in (if you are old enough to remember that). When you opened this mysterious box, it revealed an entire office. Yes, an office!

Actually, it’s a mini office. With little people, desks, seats, and even a plant. And all made of real LEGOs. So it’s really a replica of our ISO Interactive team in action. Just miniaturized! A bold reminder of a great team, always ready to help and solve problems. We called it the ISO Interactive Mini Office.

We wanted to increase the functionally and specialty of the leave behind piece. A way to better engage the client and visually express our message.UviaUs designed a special video player that did three things. First, in comparison to the LEGO people and office, it could be seen as a flat screen TV. It had a magnetic flap that could be opened and play our demo video of work. Second, the flap doubled as a business card holder (which is pretty cool looking). And third, it could be used with the Mini office or individually as a video player/card holder!

UviaUs created the design template for the card holder/video player combo. We simply put our existing design on it and BOOM—a gorgeous ISO Interactive marketing piece that our clients and prospects will not only remember, but enjoy for years to come, keeping us top of mind!


Interview Q & A

Jaycen Thorgeirson
CEO of UviaUs


Interview Questions & Answers

Q. Hi Jaycen. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. Absolutely! I’m passionate about challenging the status quo when it comes to any business challenge. I’m an entrepreneur at heart with a creative mindset to think differently in solving complex challenges. I’m also a father of two amazing and adorable kids and love spending time outside of work with my family exploring the Northwest and on the water.  

Q. Why did you create UviaUs?
A. UviaUs came out of the desire to help brands solve the fundamental challenge of getting an individual’s attention and then communicating in one of the most engaging ways—via video. We love helping brands solve complex sales and marketing challenges by leveraging our know-how and technology.

Q. What kind of products and services do you provide?
A. UviaUs is a full-service company that gets involved early in understanding the challenges that a brand is trying to solve for and then prepares recommendations on how to maximize success.

We do this by leveraging a combination of services and product offerings, such as strategy, design (graphic/industrial), video, technology (Uvideo, Udisplay, Ufolio, UR) and fulfillment services.

Our core technology is called, Uvideo. It’s a video media player embedded within custom branded packaging.

Q. What sort of cost is involved in creating a UviaUs solution?
A. UviaUs engagement strategies typically range from $100 to $500 per person, depending on factors such as desired medium, features, outreach and services included. A standard campaign typically starts at $10,000.

Q. What are the major advantages you have over competitors?
A. UviaUs is more than a company selling a product. We take a full-service, agency-style approach by collaborating with each client to understand their unique challenges and help them build an end-to-end campaign strategy to achieve their goals. With in-house graphic, industrial and video design services, our team ensures that they keep up with the demands and trends in the world of integrated digital mediums, thus allowing us to quickly execute projects and campaigns for clients.

Q. Can you describe the typical steps in creating a successful UviaUs engagement?
A. It starts with understanding what your challenge is and how you would define short term and long term success. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Are you trying to communicate a complex process? Are you trying to book more demos or meetings? Are you trying to get past the gatekeeper and reach the decision maker? The list go’s on and on.

We have a Critical Engagement Assessment that includes over 30 different questions to better understand your specific challenges and goals. We then go to work making recommendations to drive the intended outcomes. That is the start!

Q. How has UviaUs helped clients?
A. We’ve helped clients in a variety of ways. Whether it has involved winning business, increasing brand recognition, gaining publicity, reaching C-Level leaders in Fortune 100 companies or being used to educate. We love helping brands solve for many of their brand communication challenges.

Q.What’s next for UviaUs?
A. UviaUs is poised to continue leading the way in delivering remarkable engagement for brands through the products and services we offer. The challenge to gain attention and hold it is something that will get increasingly difficult with time, yet we’re up for it!

We’re excited about the next computing revolution pertaining to virtual and augmented reality and we’re working on being at the forefront of helping brands leverage this exciting technology for engaging their audience.


Creating dynamic and tangible pieces that say to your client “You are important to us and this is a gift, enjoy, ” not only demonstrates that you’re willing to go the extra mile but also ensures you’re remembered.

With a plethora of services from custom design, video production and 3rd party vendors like ISO Interactive, you can achieve a higher state of awareness in your client’s mind. Have them focus on you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We are making an effort to continue writing engaging content.  

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