We revived and revamped a unique project designed specially for our clients. It’s what you call a “leave behind” piece. It’s little gift you know the client will not throw away and keep on their desk. That way you can always be on their mind and remain open to new business opportunities.


Award: iStockphoto’s Designer Spotlight
Project Type: Self Promotional Campaign
Project Description: Unique leave behind piece with mini video player
Agency of Record: ISO Interactive

History of the ISO MINI

Our company wanted to create a updated version of our successful ISO Interactive MINI Office.  This is to entice our current and potential clients and bring in additional opportunities.

We needed to do this in higher quantity, keep costs fairly low but have the same box and quality feel as the original hand made ones. Our original design was bold, fun, and creative – we needed to bring this version up a level.

The first version of the MINI Office was created by hand and only 10 or so were created.


It is sort of a funny story.  I walked in a LEGO store (because I am sucka for toys) and saw these Tic-Tac-Toe LEGO boxes. It was a clamshelled styled box, with a number of little LEGO people and a base to connect more LEGOs. And I thought – that is sorta cool.

They were on sale for about $4.95 each. They were 20 bucks before! So I picked up the last dozen and cannibalised them. I broke out the spray paint and painted the little LEGO people and the box. Later I found out that was a taboo to paint anything LEGO. A few purist LEGO lovers got on my case. But I didn’t care – as it looked nice!

I actually picked up a bunch of LEGO pieces and built a little office inside the box. I figured out it could hold 3 people with a shared desk space and 3 monitor like things. And what is an office without plants? So I added some thing that resembled a plant holder, flowers and a bush thing.

It took a few tries but I think I got it right.

You know – it sort of reminded me of when I started ISO Interactive. I put 3 desks together into one that fitted 2 designers and myself (that makes 3 people, just like the mini office). So the ISO MINI Office has a special quality of nostalgia for me. And no I do not cry very often. I am a mans’ man (whatever that means).

More details on the original version can be seen on our older site we archived at: http://archive.isointeractive.com/index.asp?page_id=162

Second Version (the MINI “mini”)

We had a little money set aside but needed to do something special on a low budget. We could not afford to produce the original in any quantity. And could just not get a deal on LEGO boxes like before. I guess that was a once in a lifetime sale or something, who knows… So we created a sort of mini “mini” office.

We designed it a little larger than a matchbox but smaller than an iPhone. We also thought it would be pretty cool to design instructions and have the person to build a few elements of the office and LEGO person themselves.


It was pretty cool but it had a few flaws. Most grown people are totally lazy and don’t like putting things together (magic of exploring and building is sort of gone for a lot of adults). Also the clients really did not understand the purpose of it. My guess is that they just looked at it and probably tossed it away.

The purpose was for it to be enjoyed and left on their desk as a reminder of ISO Interactive. The new design was just too small to be interesting enough to keep a normal adults’ attention. So what we wanted was a little memory of us “click” in their brain saying “hey you guys did that cool little Mini Office.” And it wasn’t doing that.

Although the new design was interesting for a game designer geek like me or a child – it did not really keep the attention of a non creative type like the typical business manager or CTO or CEO.

More details on the MINI “mini” version can be found at: http://www.isointeractive.com/blog/mini-office-with-portfolio/

The Newest Version of the ISO MINI

We said – “okay, okay let’s go back to the original design”. It works, its a good size, the clients will remember it and they may even leave it on their desks. It is way cool and let’s see how many we can actually design the boxes and get them produced for us.

Also we needed to make the box slightly taller to accommodate closing the box correctly and leaving enough room to add or change something later.

So we were thinking, and thinking and thinking – “what would be really, really cool? How about a video player that looks like a game player? It could also feel like a little flat screen TV in the MINI Office.” We took the video we produced on the website and added it a mini video player that fit in the office.

We designed the video player and had UVIAUS produce the actual box and video components.

On top of that we created pull tabs open the video player and box. Once someone opens the video player they will see automatically see the ISO Interactive portfolio video.  It even has a built in buisness card holder with my business cards neatly tucked in there. There are 3 cards added,  the standard black, holiday red and skye blue version.

ISO Interactive portfolio video”

So we costed it out and was able to get about 100 video players and a few hundred boxes with the design glossed on the outside of the box. Now that looks professional!

Of course the LEGO pieces had to be custom ordered and hand assembled, and the video player glued along with the frames to hold it. But it is super cool!

I guess you could say we are “Thinking Inside the Box.” Get it? People say you should think outside the box but we thinking inside the box because the MINI office is in the box. That explanation was just incase you are a little slow.

Our goal is to put “us” in the leave behind. We created a mini office of the primary team in LEGO form, integrated a business card holder, and added an awesome portfolio video with the video player in a box!

With the newest series of our homegrown “mini offices,” leave behind pieces expressed the essence of ISO Interactive in “portable boxed” form.

What’s Next?

 We are thinking about personalizing the video to the individual, shorting the portfolio and adding a cool car video we are working on. Yeah sounds like a lot, and it is. But take a peek at these video ideas below and let us know your thoughts.

“Possible personalization part of the video”


Special Features:

  • Original custom design
  • Long lasting shelf life
  • Business card holder
  • Mini video player
  • Portfolio video of cool interactive stuff
  • Real LEGOs
  • Portable box unit
  • Bragging rights

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