We team up with partners to build small and large scale projects for Facebook, social networks,iPhone, Android, websites, etc. These can be specialty endeavors for games to serious applications. A big part of the success is contributed to MANAGING the PROJECTS.

About:Managing Interactive and Game Projects better with the updated Basecamp
Author:Troy Hipolito
Free Mag (HAKIN9): http://isointeractive.com/downloads/Hakin9_EN_01_2015.pdf
Free Mag (BSD):

About the Article and Magazines

Our article is for project management. However there is a ton of other things for security and development between these two Free magazines below. These particular copies with the permission of magazine representative(s) are Free to enjoy. So click it and get it!


Hakin9 (IT Security Magazine):  http://isointeractive.com/downloads/Hakin9_EN_01_2015.pdf


BSD (Develop your skills on your IT career):  http://isointeractive.com/downloads/BSD_04_2015.pdf

We write for a few Magazines and every once in awhile they allow us to release our copy for free. We want to thank Ewa Dudzic at Hakin9 (Part of Software Developer’s Journal)for allowing us to release this issue free of charge. But you should check them out. They are all about security, programing and management of systems.

And that is where we come in. We wrote a detailed article and republished on several of their magazines.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.


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