Producing our second generation ISO MICRO OFFICE was actually a much harder project than the original. But we wanted to create a cost effective way to reach our clients creatively.

Project Type: Self promotional campaign
Project Description: Unique leave behind portfolio kit
Agency of Record: ISO Interactive
Printer: Atlanta Printer
Printer URL:


Create a more affordable version of our original ISO MINI OFFICE while keeping the fun factor high.


Design and then have our printer produce a die for printing. That way we could create hundreds of them, fold, glue, and include real Lego pieces and a portfolio kit. And it all fits in the palm of your hand.

We made 3 different versions:. Black (“Dark Star”), blue (“Day Star”), and red (“Holiday”).

From Start To Finish:

Creating the concepts from a very quick sketch knowing we would have to make adjustments.


We then put together a quick 3D rendering and paper mockup.


Adjusted the plans based on what was achievable for the printer. Then created a few paper versions.


We added a design then printed it out.


Added the portfolio cards.


Once that was done – we added official LEGO pieces and designed instructions.


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