A fresh card design was needed and at the time we almost ran out of business cards! Previous designs were very original in style. However too much for clients.  Potential clients often do not understand what they are looking at, so you have to start strong and simple.  So we realized less is better.

About:New ISO card design and some history behind it
Author: Troy Hipolito

We needed a new bold design to show quality and experience. We concentrated on the material of the card and the simplifying everything else. Back to basics. So keep it clean, clear and short.
Going through the design process

The ISO team first took a look at the important elements of the brand and created a series of sketches for the new card. We started with the base logo, color scheme, content and messaging. Previous versions of the logo had additional elements. After the brand was refreshed for company website site it presented a cleaner palette.

Another set of steps included reviewing other interesting designs based on elements we liked and potentially incorporate them. The last step is to select a printer. Now it was important because selecting special materials, die cutting and so forth can really break the budget. We ended up with MOO.

MOO had a great selection of card stock and a number of creative designs to spark the imagination. We selected Luxe style with ISO red in the center. Luxe has several cards pressed together to form a single sturdy thick card. Also has a nice paper texture.

Now our old cards are actually pretty cool. They have a number of individual cards connected with an eyelet to form a business card portfolio. However, it was too much for clients. It was like it was too cool for clients to appreciate it. The cards screamed “We like video games and colors and cool stuff!” It did not say we are serious and here to help solve your challenges.

Anyway, it worked out pretty well. The card is about 3 or 4 times thicker than a standard one. So it has a nice heavy feel. Black on one side with a very handsome logo. Under the logo a simple 3-word message. Apps, Systems and Games. Red for the spine, and white on the other side. Basic info: name, title, skype, phone, URL and email. Now the Name is very large and other information is much smaller. It was a design choice that made sense.

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