A new feature on our site. We created an easy fun HTML5 game. Have you ever played pinball? Well now you can do it virtually with your little avatar!

About: ISO website update / pinball game
Visit: http://www.isointeractive.com (and click on the pinball machine)

New Feature:

Growing the ISO games and world.

Every few months we add some cool functionality to the ISO Virtual World. Most people do not even realize that the entire site can be played as a virtual world just for fun. Once you go to the site a little avtar pops up. Yah – that little guy is you. Just click around and explore! You can also chat with others that are online by just typing on your keyboard.

Below are some visuals to give you a few clues on the new Pinball game we added!

TO PLAY – just go to the home page and click the pinball machine at: http//www.isointeractive.com.


pinball01 pinball02 pinball03 pinball04


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