If you are a Project Manger or Producer at an interactive agency – then this article is for you. Manage your game projects with a little more confidence. This is a 20 page or so article published in the Flash & Flex Magazine. We thought it would be easier to just link a direct PDF so people can take a look and post comments.

About:Using simple methods to project manage your interactive and game projects.
Author:Troy Hipolito
Download: http://www.isointeractive.com/downloads/Project_Management_FFD_02_2011.pdf

Learn how to help get projects done a little more efficiently

We have officially been published authors for the (Adobe) Flash & Flex Developer Magazine and wanted to share a PDF we did a while back. We are thinking about creating our own magazine for all things interactive. That includes completed projects for mobile apps, video production and other related design and development needs.

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Project Management Extended Article:

Article starts on page 34 and can be downloaded at: http://www.isointeractive.com/downloads/Project_Management_FFD_02_2011.pdf


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