Jorts-NoJorts is a mobile quiz game where you decide whether or not a person is wearing jorts (or short Jeans), based on what they look like.

If you never watched Archer, Robot Chicken or the other crazy but popular off beat cartoons you may not know who Adult Swim is. They a branch of Turner Broadcasting like Cartoon Network.

ISO Interactive had the joy of working with Adult Swim and Turner to support specialized multi-user technologies (called SmartFoxServer) as well as simple but interesting HTML5 Mobile game called Jorts-NoJorts

Client: Adult Swim
Type:   Mobile & Desktop Game via HTML5 and CSS


To create a HTML quiz game, able to run on multiple devices, ranging from the traditional desktop to tablets and smartphones (targeting iOS and Android).



Jorts-NoJorts features unlimited gameplay, with hundreds of different challenges, and a leaderboard, powered by Scoreoid, to keep the users engaged. Extended testing allowed us to use HTML5 with CSS to adjust the game for a wide range mobile devices (phones and tablets). We even made sure it auto adjusted for the terrible mobile Facebook browser.

Extended testing was preformed to verify it worked on modern mobile and tablet devices.

iPhone6 - Incorrect Answer

Feature highlights:


  • Simple game that takes a break from reality
  • HTML5
  • Resizes to all modern formats including Mobile phones, Tablets and desktop designs
  • Ties in other systems
  • Facebook and Twitter features

Sharing with friends:

ISO Interactive added social features so it could be shared via networks like Twitter and Facebook. It works on all standard mobile browsers so individuals could just play via their phone.

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