All Star Buddies is a sports-themed virtual world for kids (ages 6+) where a healthy, positive lifestyle is reinforced through fun games, quests and social interaction.

End Client: PBKidz, Corporation
Agency of Record: ISO Interactive
Archive URL:

Test Usernames & Passwords for Archived Virtual World:

  • Player 1
    un: playerone
    pw: 123456
  • Player 2
    un: playertwo
    pw: 123456
  • Player 3
    un: playerthree
    pw: 123456
  • Player 4
    un: playerfour
    pw: 123456
  • Player 5
    un: playerfive
    pw: 123456
  • Player 6
    un: playersix
    pw: 123456



Create a fun-filled, massive, virtual environment where avatars are all different shapes and sizes.

Most flash virtual worlds have avatars or figures that are created to be the same size. This allows for easy assembly of different parts and accessories for the various avatar parts. The All Star Buddies virtual world requires seven different shaped avatars that are capable of changing items dynamically.


We Combined SmartFoxServer, Adobe Flash, Java custom logic, detailed animations, and our own ISO Interactive CMS platform © to create a Flash based MMO that has more Bang for the Buck! All Star Buddies is also featured on the SmarFoxServer Showcase! image_asb_avatars
icon_SFS_showcase (1) SmartFoxServer is used as the primary multi-user technology while our ISO Interactive CMS platform serves as a powerful management tool (for the world, members, and website).

With a host of features, this virtual world is a fun-filled sports-themed environment for kids (ages 6+), where a healthy, positive lifestyle is reinforced through fun games, quests, and social interaction. Members can earn coins, play games, customize their avatar (with seven different personalities), explore the world and much more.


In-Game Toolbar Features:

Super Safe Chat – A “safe chat” feature was built and incorporated into a special limited dictionary. When a player types a message, we will only post the words that appear in our dictionary. This allows players to submit only the words we allow and promotes correct spelling and typing of safe words for chat.


Our chat system is far superior to canned chat or filtered chat because only words that exist in the customized dictionary will be available for chatting. A great benefit of using this method is that only correctly spelled words will appear.

Backpack – A backpack will appear as a red tab on the right side of the screen. All purchased items will be housed in your backpack. playersguide-toolbarBP
Map – A world map appears as a yellow tab on the right side of the screen. Your Buddy can teleport to an area by clicking it on the map.
Buddy List – Click on the White Jersey on the toolbar to open your Buddy List. When your Buddies are online, they will be at the top of the list. You can join a Buddy by pressing the “>” button at the right of his/her name. This will teleport your avatar to the room your Buddy is in. You can remove a Buddy by pressing the “X” button at the right of his/her name.
Actions – Click on the green action figure on the toolbar to open your Actions menu. Your Buddy can perform the following actions: dance, wave, sit, kick, throw, pickup, and eat.
Emoticons – Click on the Yellow Smiley Face on the toolbar to open the Emoticons menu. These are images that appear over your buddy to quickly let others know what you are thinking or feeling. playersguide-toolbarRef
Referee – The whistle in the red tab located on the right side of the toolbar is the Referee button. Click on this button to report any unsportsmanlike conduct by other Buddies in the world.
Buddy Tab – The Buddy tab is located on the left side of the toolbar above the dialogue box. Click on it to open the menu of seven different characters. You can switch Buddies as often as you like by clicking on the Buddy of your choice.



Content Management System:

ISO Interactive CMS platform © (Content Management System) is extensively used to control the Adobe Flash game system, member permissions, website news, SmartFoxServer functions, and even our customized HTML campaign-driven newsletter eBlast system.



  • SmartFoxServer technology
  • All Star Buddies and member news
  • Customized newsletter eBlast system
  • Member approval and control
  • Powerful visual editor
  • Full HTML mode
  • Template creator
  • File and link retrieval with integrated file system
  • Unique 3D designs
  • Flash engine integration
  • Java logic
  • MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)
  • Fun downloads


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