Companies need apps to make their businesses more efficient. Any additional time they can shave off and do things right the first time is a key factor for many Big Box Retailers.

End Client(s): Several Fortune 500 Clients
Design Agency: ISO


Many Big Box Retailers require an arsenal of tools at their ready. Apps are an important part them. The development of these software projects normally come from the ever-changing needs and processes. They have a great need to be more efficient, cut down on wasted time and in doing so saves large amounts of money that support the bottom line.


The In-store Walk-though App does just that! In a simplified step by step process, it allows managers or team leaders to quickly identify what needs to happen in a retail space. From checking on aisle cleanliness to items being in disarray for potential clients to even items that need to be stocked and walked. Giving individuals the power to correct potential issues before they arise and keeping standards up with a minimal effort and time. Saving money and keeping customers happy.


Interface Gallery


App Features

The In-store app allows a plethora of features to help plan future dates, events, syncing with a primary database for reporting and much more.


  • Planning editor features for setting up the process
  • Calendar features for setting up future events
  • Quick verification icons on the status
  • Secure login features
  • Online syncing for reporting
  • Point system to identify task scores
  • Template creator
  • File and link retrieval with an integrated file system
  • Database template starter choices
  • Preview templates and files functions

Special Features:

  • Multi-level administrative permissions
  • Auto email request changes
  • Reporting tools
  • Site search functionality
  • Specific Image functions
  • SSL protected



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