Bloomers Island is a virtual world for children ages 4-10. Players get to choose an avatar, customize their avatar, chat with friends, explore the island, and play through the Quests!

Client: Bloomers! know and grow
Agencies of Record: Say Design & ISO Interactive


How to bring the magical world of gardens, flowers, plants and nature to life, in exciting new ways for children


Create a Bloomers! virtual world fun-filled with animation and storybook-style art and incorporate the ability to seek out knowledge that can be replicated in the “real world” while having a positive effect on children.


When children are excited about nature, that excitement can grow into a passion for how the world is to be regarded and cared for—the single most important ingredients necessary for a healthiest planet and people possible.

When rich play meets a variety of playgrounds, it compels children to engage with the natural world around them in relevant and fun ways. Bloomers! is comprised of three ‘playgrounds that are authentically linked so that developmental milestones can be reached, educational moments can be achieved and (more importantly) children can keep the experience alive in their world.

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