Have you ever wondered how Facebook and Mobile Apps make money? Often success tends to come easier if it follows a previously profitable project. The same concept can apply to our latest client project. A large-scale social Facebook game targeted towards social users, called Bunco Bonko.

Client: Yapping Moose Entertainment
URL:    https://apps.facebook.com/buncobonko
Type:  Enterprise level Facebook, iOS and Android App



It is often difficult to find the right mix of people, expertise and just sure willpower to be able to develop a game where thousands of players could interact with each other in real time, have a  multitude of touchpoints, different technologies, easily ported to different platforms and micro-purchasing features to make a game into a successful business.



The ISO Interactive team has some of the best developers in the world when it comes to particular technologies and types of social free to play games the client was asking for. ISO is heavily into traditional IT projects and emerging technologies.

The first thing was to carefully choose the technology stack and special team members for the project. Adobe Air was used for the Facebook game as it could be easily ported to Mobile Apps via iOS and Android platforms. Besides the standard technologies and plethora of database types, we also used smartfoxserver. It is a great multi-user platform that is extremely extendable and secure via Java. FYI, Multi-user is when a lot of people can play at the same time, see each other’s moves and communicate with each other in real time. We also used the newest version of our customized Member Internet Management System (or MIMS) to help manage most of the dynamic assets and player data.

A little bit about the Bunco Bonko Game


Bunco is a party game usually played with a minimum of 12 players. People across the USA host “Bunco Nights” on a regular basis at each other’s homes, or at local churches, casinos, bars, American Legion halls, etc. Players split into groups of 4 and take turns rolling dice, trying to score as many points as possible before players at the head table reach a score of 21. Scoring is simple, with one point scored for each die matching the current round number, 5 points for three of a kind, and 21 points (a “Bunco!”) for three of a kind matching the current round number.

The fun stuff features


  • Visit new cities all the time!
  • Join games that interest you
  • Earn bracelet charms and bragging rights
  • Earn cup styles
  • Add cup charms to your cup and customize it!
  • Get special packages and power-ups
  • Shop and buy stuff
  • Invite friends to play with in real time
  • Real-time chat with your friends
  • Give away stuff to who you want
  • Pick from many role styles
  • System gifting

It is pretty cool as there are a lot of dog and cat lovers with the ability to select well-designed charms. Play as often as you like and you can even get to the big deal tables if you are good enough!


Newest enterprise level MIMS
(Member Management System)


  • Support millions of users
  • History or player transactions
  • Dispute correlation
  • Game updates and asset controls
  • Purchasing item controls with multi-tier selectability
  • Analytical ties for user interactions and reports
  • All user data for support and credit resolutions


Multi-platform source build


  • Facebook Desktop App
  • iOS Mobile App (not live)
  • Android Mobile App (not live)

Multi-user feature integration via
smartfoxserver and Java logic backend


  • Chat with players and friends
  • Bot system
  • Gifting from users or system
  • Game tracking
  • History tracking
  • Secondary animation kickoffs

Besides the fun stuff, there is a huge enterprise level system with supportive architecture.


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