Candy Sports Mobile Game
Skittles®, Starburst® & Life Savers® — and inspired by Kinect Sports: Season Two!

End Client: WRIGLEY
Agency of Record: Ryan Partnership
Platform: iOS, Android, & Windows Phone


Manage multiple groups of developers, designers, and contributors to produce a sports game pack to support new WRIGLEY candy brand releases.


Working Work directly with the Microsoft Xbox group for Kinect SPORTS Season Two assets – a separate art/development groups – we created an exciting sports game. The App incorporates, Facebook, Twitter, and E-Prize giveaway technology.

This action sports App includes Skittles Baseball, Starburst Football, and Life Savers Basketball. Besides being a fun game it also (through the E-Prize system) gives away candy packs and Xbox prizes. Yes Xbox stuff – including special candy brand wrapped game consoles!

Users have the option to “play for prizes” and “play for fun.” Once users reach specific goals they had an option to share (via Facebook and Twitter) and give others the ability to access the game across iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows Phones.

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  • Multiple Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • 3D and 2D designs
  • Social Plugins (Facebook, Twitter, and others)
  • 3 Candy Branded Sports games in 1 App
  • Thousands of prizes given away (candy packs to special Xbox consoles)
  • E-Prize engine (entire distribution platform and prize engine)

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