Making of the new Coca-Cola Enterprises Website. Making fresh, fresh again.
End Client: Coca-Cola Enterprises
Agency of Record: The Jones Group (Design)
Partnered Agency: ISO Interactive (Implementation)


The original CCE website was outdated and very cumbersome to maintain and update. Many functions no longer served its purpose and the needs of the company also changed.

The site control was split between internal CCE staff and several different vendors based on their individual functional systems. Each vendor controlled a different aspect of functionality, which was hosted in different locations.

Coca-Cola Enterprises needed a new look, structure, and on-demand control over all content and media elements.


An easy to use CMS was developed that controlled all internal pages and also integrated other vendor web systems seamlessly.

The CCE homepage has a large animated Flash region, news, graphical spotlight, and auto CSS formatted content, all controlled by the CMS. The secondary pages have specific image areas and sub tier navigation.

Within our ISO Interactive CMS platform © (Content Management System) all aspects could be controlled. This includes auto formatting with built in style sheets to storing files, such as images, video, and flash. The files can then be used on multiple pages. Our CMS manages all files that are added to the site.

General Features:

  • Graphical spotlight feature
  • 2nd, 3rd, and hiding tier page functions
  • Unlimited page generation and control
  • Powerful visual editor
  • Full HTML mode
  • Template creator
  • File and link retrieval with integrated file system
  • Browser and page title
  • Dynamic menu navigation
  • Database template starter choices
  • Formatting control similar to Dreamweaver
  • Meta-control for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Preview templates and files functions
  • MS Word filter

Special Features:

  • Unique home page control
  • News feature
  • File control system (swf, gif, jpg, pdf, .zip, image, icon, sound)
  • Spell Check
  • Multi-level administrative permissions
  • Flash and other file type control and code generation
  • Auto email request changes
  • Web statistics
  • Site search functionality
  • Multiple vendor CMS integration
  • Multiple visual editors for separate left side content
  • Specific Image functions
  • SSL protected



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