The Discovery Channel – Jimi Rock World is all about education, exploration, philanthropy and fun! This virtual world is an undersea adventure “edutainment” site where your child will be introduced to the natural wonders that lie beneath the beautiful oceans of the world.

Client: Discovery Kids & Fish Fun Video
Type:   Virtual World with Mini Games


While very in-tune with the needs of their audience, the current Jimi Rock world needed an entirely new user experience that elevated play quality and experience to new levels while keeping in-line to their core values.



Posed with the challenge of a client with a limited budget, ISO was able to create a new portal to allow players to jump from the old current world to the new beta world. The new world gives users the ability to get a taste for the new sights and sounds of a refreshed game experience, in addition to personalizing in detail their own avatar, playing unique games, and exploring more rewarding quests.

Players are able to visit far-off locations within a virtual world that brings the experience of real life!  Learn Fun Facts about fish and other sea animals in Jimi’s Sea School. In addition to playing games, players can also create art as well as earn points to increase the uniqueness of their personal avatar.

ISO also added a real-time moderator feature which allows players talk to a designated “concierge” of this ever expanding ocean virtual adventure.


Feature highlights:


  • Quests with dialog logic
  • New bright and colorful graphical style
  • Allows many users to interact with each other in real-time
  • Unique and flexible 2D vector avatars
  • 7 “adventures” to visit
  • Unique multiuser racing game
  • Real-time moderator features
  • 15 games converted from older AS2 (ActionScript2) to AS3 code
  • Portal to jump from old to new world (with the same account)
  • Other stuff that takes too long to mention!

Playing with friends:

Venture from place-to-place with your friends in real-time. Players first entering the new world start at the map. From there, players can choose to teleport to a number of different locations (including multi player areas) where they can seek out friends, play games, find sand dollars, customize their personal avatar, etc.

Venturing on your own:
Don’t worry! If you need help simply contact a live moderator and they will be happy to help guide you on your way. Just remember that this introduction world is designed for adventure! So, go ahead, start a quest by gathering items to put in your inventory and helping out the professor. Oh, and one last thing: Have fun!

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