Mighty Tops is a First Person Shooter demo that is multi user and designed for mobile devices. It allows you to run around a 3D environment  as a heavily armed robot. Fire a mini gatling gun and guided missiles.

Client: Internal
URL:    http://www.isointeractive.com/demos/mightytops
Additional Credits:   Carl Lydon / Lead Unity developer at ISO Interactive
Type:   FPS demo designed for mobile devices


Provide a minimal FPS (First Person Shooter) demo that showed basic functionality and proof of concept. Also allow potential partners a peek of this type of work without revealing currently protected client work. 



Combine Unity and smartfoxserver to produce a real-time 3D multi user demo that could be used on the web (computer) or as an native app for iOS and Android.

All models and programing is built from scratch. The weapons and movement controls are actually on the left and right side as circles (since it designed for mobile devices). We were able to create a lobby so multiple people could join different rooms and battle each other.

Weapons include gun, guided and unguided missiles.

Note that the demo only works in multi user mode and was very minimal. It shows ISO Interactive can build such games. Typically we put greater detail for paid partners and clients. 

Feature highlights:


  • Lobby to join rooms
  • Multiple weapons
  • Designed for mobile devices
  • Full 3D environment
  • Real-time map
  • Minimal demo only

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