Making a virtual world system for the fans. Cast spells, meet friends, and play games!

End Client: Harry Potter Fans
Agency of Record: ISO Interactive

sampleCoc1 (1)   Challenge:

Create a FREE, high quality, multiplayer, fun interactive environment that grows with it’s members.



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We created a full featured MMORPG that was awarded the Adobe Site of the Day SmartFoxServer Showcase. This virtual world provides unique 3D graphics, uses the powerful Adobe Shockwave platform, and extends its usability through multi user real-time environments for everyone to enjoy. SmartFoxServer is used as the primary multi user technology. We bridged SmartFoxServer as a real-time flexible platform with the power of Adobe Flash.

Our team believes in pushing the envelope by exploring new ways to convey information and provide innovative interactive experiences. The Chamber of Chat was born as a testing ground for our proprietary virtual world builder software (Multi User Virtual Environment System or ISO MUVeS©) and quickly became an overnight success with the massive Harry Potter Fan based community.


Users are given the ability to create their own custom avatars and adventure freely within the beautifully rendered 3D environments. They interact with others in real-time by chatting, casting spells, and playing various unique games. 

The ISO Interactive MIMS platform© (Member Internet Management System) is extensively used to control the shockwave game system, member permissions, web site news, game portal, and even our customized HTML newsletter eBlast system. Currently, the Chamber of Chat has over 100,000 registered members and is growing.


This interactive experience is designed for Harry Potter Fans as a free, nonprofit resource for everyone.



  • SmartFoxServer Technology
  • Chamber and Member News
  • Customized Newsletter eBlast System
  • Member approval and control
  • Powerful Visual Editor
  • Full HTML Mode
  • Template creator
  • File and link retrieval with integrated File System
  • Unique 3D Designs
  • Shockwave Engine Integration
  • Flash components
  • MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game)
  • Built in Game Portal
  • Integrated Games within the 3D World
  • Fun Downloads



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