Contractually we are not allowed to show most of our work (work for hire via other agencies). Only a small percentage of what we do is posted on the website, so we created a few mobile game demos (Android Apps). These are not complete games but examples of what we did in a very limited amount of time.

Project Type: Mobile Game App Demos
Description:Web & Android App demos of Space, Girl and MyMe games
Agency of Record:ISO Interactive


Create some fairly polished looking Apps and graphics in a few fun environments. To create a limited set features to allow minimal game play and show what capabilities we had in-house.


Spent 2 weeks and made 3 nice looking Demos. We took just a few models we previously made and created a bunch more – then targeted 3 types of very different mobile genres. The “bang” was in the details.  A little sound, secondary animations and and making things run smoothly.

You would be surprised the difference it makes. Most games just look and feel bad. And sure, we were not trying to go to the “Lamborghini” stage but we sure could get to the “Infiniti” quality level pretty quickly. 


Spaceship war game
Download Android APK | View Unity web demo

This one was fun because it makes you want to play for a while. It has some nostalgia qualities, but a nice clean modern design. With guided missiles, rapid lasers, and enemies on your tail; who wouldn’t love this game.

The joy stick controller makes it easy to play. And we did not get a chance to add this feature but part of the mission would be to rescue your people before the enemies get to them.


dress-up girl game
Download Android APK | View Unity web demo

Our client gave us permission to use her brand to create a dress-up game. We wanted to make it fun and interactive. The idea could apply to any type of brand or style of models.

Think “Barbie” style or “Japanese Manga”. It could be done at a low cost.

Also we started a room builder so you get the idea of expandability. Girl games are on the rise. And you know girls are just like their moms. They love clothes and shoes!


MyMe Adventure (mobile MMO)
View web demo

Well, here is an older demo we did in Flash, but currently we’re working on 2 different versions for mobile. One is 3d version (shown here) and the other is the 2D version. We only spent a total of 3 days on this so you will not really experience many features. So it may be easier to just explain.

It is like a true MMO on the mobile device. Your avatar roams through many different time periods spread out from various islands. You battle and the quest your way along the world.

The quests are the most important thing and provides the most interest for the mobile app audience. You have to find one or several items and use them to accomplish certain tasks.

For example: your avatar is in the world and you hear a cry for help. You know someone is behind the door but can not get out. That person says “The door is damaged. Find a way to open the door”.

So you venture through the world and find a “rope”. You take that rope and put on the door pulleys. But then you find out you need something heavy to open it. So you find an anchor and attach it to the rope. The door now opens and the second part of the quest starts.

Below are some screen captures of the games:

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