The ISO Interactive Member Internet Management System
(or ISO MIMS) provides online access to control member information for games.

ISO Interactive MIMS© Platform
Customized Member Internet Management System

A new unique feature of the system allows members of one game or platform to jump to another while keeping all of their attributes. This means that once a player gets tired of one game they can jump to another in your game series enabling automatic cross marketing and additional paying players.

site_avatarManage Data for Faces, Helmets,
Weapons, Levels & all sorts of things


It is designed to be customizable per project as needed. The core development allows a very efficient and flexible way of controlling member system attributes for configuration, status and communication.

Optimizing Member Management for
Large Scale Social Games & Virtual Worlds



In other words, it is like a CMS that manages members and aspects of the virtual world/game that can be combined with other systems such as social networks (like Facebook).

Control Your Game Locations

Dashboard for Different Platforms

Member History & Control

Add New Game Assets


The MIMS Platform does things like…

  • Carry player attributes across different games & platforms
    (Facebook, iPhone, Android, Game portals, etc.)
  • Verifying account status
    (guest, free, paid and others) 
  • Keeping track of credits & purchases
    (memberships or micro transitions and allows the player access to features)
  • Built in help desk
    (issues, contact, report bad users)
  • Special code based purchase
    (like a purchased access code)
  • Game system info
    (configuration functions)
  • Creating and managing groups
    (clubs, newsletters and others)
  • Google Analytics
    (access to track game usage times and trends)
  • Additional features
    (can be added as needed)


Often, our clients might request a function that is not in the current ISO Interactive MIMS platform. Fortunately, we have the ability to build additional functionality and integrate it into the system.

Each version is different depending on the needs of the client.


Our ISO Interactive MIMS platform is customized specifically to meet the needs of each individual client. This system allows as much or as little control over any aspects of the game players as needed. We have developed a number of projects with our client’s individual needs in mind.

Below are a few samples of Public Projects that use the ISO Interactive MIMS platform.

Bunco Bonko
Fun Facebook game that allows people to paly with each other in a massive player environment. Earn charms, power-ups, purchase upgrades. Real-time chat, bot system, detailed logic and customer controls.
icon_kc Kid Command
An eco-friendly themed, unique mixed style of Virtual World and gameplay that brings the “stickiness factor” to keep players coming back for more. Games in combination with platform style Quests are created for education and fun!
icon_coc_1 The Harry Potter, Fan Based – Chamber of Chat
3D pre-rendered environment with a full shockwave game system (MMORPG) that controls different aspects of the game (shockwave and flash), member control/permissions/approvals, news, and mass customized HTML newsletter eBlast functions.
icon_akl A Kid’s Life
A safe, wholesome, interactive online experience that encourages kids to feel good about themselves and the world around them. It features entertaining and educational games, discovery adventures, animated videos, and the opportunity to make friends with other players in a completely safe environment.
icon_myme MyMe Adventure
A humorous, real-time action driven massive 3D multiplayer world. With in-world games, activities, quests, and a full combat system. With real 3D environments and vibrant colors, detailed and terrains all on the internet browser!



Please feel free to contact us to discuss this or similar types of projects.

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