An eco-friendly themed, unique mixed style of Virtual World and game play that not only brings the “stickiness factor” to keep players coming back for more, but eliminates showcasing materialism, low-level graphics, and undermining the intelligence of our users.

Development & Creative: ISO Interactive
Notes: Project has been retired. Sample games are available below.
Game Sample 1:Water Travel
Game Sample 2:Australian Platformer
Game Sample 3: Glacier Meltdown



Kid Command (Virtual World & Platformer Game Combo):

Below are some of the screen captures for the detailed pre-rendered 3D world environments. Click on the icons to view the different terrains.

We integrated existing MMO technologies with various perspectives and art styles to include a robust platform for game play! We combined the technologies of our ISO Interactive CMS platform © with SmartFoxServer, Adobe Flex/Flash, and extended a flexible system with Java for functionality.

The teams of Green Bein, Entropia, and ISO worked together as a unified group on most decisions that relate to design and functionality.

We made a conscious decision to make very detailed pre-rendered 3D terrains with a simpler 2D art style for games. The various styles of art complemented each other while allowing shorter development times.

To engage players, we included additional strategy that would drive players to explore the entire world and all of the games. Games are divided into two different types. The first type of game is the mini-game; A short, but entertaining game that is used to increment a players score. The second type of game is what we call a Quest; A platformer-style game that is similar to a “Mario Brothers” game, but with more detail.

Once members play the mini-games and reach a certain level, they are granted a special item. This special item provides an advantage in playing quests. For example, you may need to earn a shovel to dig for an item or a map to find certain things. You may also need a pick ax to climb the walls. In this way, each game is paired to a Quest and adds interest and extensive fun game play.
Kid Command is also featured on the SmarFoxServer Showcase!

icon_SFS_showcase SmartFoxServer was the primary multi user technology while our ISO Interactive CMS platform served as a powerful management tool (for the world, members and website).

Kid Command combines traditional virtual world features with higher quality 3D pre-rendered graphics and simple, solid, and fun portal games and exciting Quests (a platformer style system). The players get a solid and fun system that promotes knowledge on taking care of the planet and keeps kids coming back for more!

NPC (Non Playing Character) Designs :

Below are just a few of the NPC’s that will guide and allow access to the virtual world and game play. Notice the detail of the animations and quality, which is rarely found in other Flash virtual worlds.

Detailed Virtual World:

Kid Command has a host of features in the virtual world portion of Kid Command. Below are a few highlights of the world.


  • Access to multiple servers on login – A server can be identified by name or county and how full it is. For example, if you see that your server is too crowded, you can simply hop on a parallel world server.
  • Sliding detailed terrains – The areas within the virtual world are called terrains.
  • Multi-user chat – Members can chat and visually see the position and the actions each person performs.
  • Passport – Everyone has an extended passport that acts as a profile feature within the world. Currently, players can see their travels, games, scores, levels, and more. This passport will evolve as additional features are created.
  • Emoticons – Allows special expressions similar to other chats for different emotions.
  • Special moves – This section provides players with individual special moves, such as waving to another avatar or NPC.
  • Back pack – This interface allows players to load and select clothing and accessories.
  • Buddy list – Allows players to list  their buddies and view who is online. It also has the ability to transport the player directly to where their buddy is.
  • World map – Allows the player to transport to other areas in the world. It also shows the players progress in helping the world.

Platformer System:

The platformer system generates the Quests. The Quests are action packed side scrolling games that have a large replayability factor. By combining these adventures with an engaging virtual world and portal, players will be eager to keep coming back for more!

The platformer for the Quests is one of the most unique aspects of the virtual world. The system, when updated, will effectively update all Quests. Therefore, improvements with the engine are automatically filtered to all levels of the quest.

Jump, duck, and dive! Leap onto moving platforms and send a ray of energy toward your enemies. For hours at a time, these quests are full of action and fun!


We have added a number of AS3 portal style mini-games into the world. These games are used to gain items, which can be used with in Quests. In this way, players will explore the ever growing world and play many more types of things while being educated on saving the planet.
Below are a few screen captures of the portal games produced by ISO Interactive for Kid Command.

Content Management System:

The ISO Interactive CMS platform © (Content Management System) is extensively used to control the Adobe Flash game system, member permissions, web site news, SmartFoxServer functions, and even our customized HTML campaign driven newsletter eBlast system.



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