The MyMe FacebookTM Mobile Opportunity Documents and Statement of Work are available for development/design and investment groups that are interested in this project.


image_myme_game View the MyMe Demo Engine
A quick game demo on the engine and how it can be worked on other games.
g-doc View the 
MyMe Art Assets Google Doc
(17 Page) Screen shots of art assets for the MyMe brand.
(prepared by Troy Hipolito).
pdf_large_mobile Download the 
MyMe Mobile Opportunity Doc
(1 Page Overview) Opportunities for MyMeTM on a Mobile Platform
(written by Troy Hipolito).
pdf_large_1_PAGE Download the 
MyMe Facebook Opportunity Doc
(1 Page Overview) Provides a brief overview of the our MyMeTM social game platform and information on income currently generated by our distributor
(written by Troy Hipolito).
pdf_large_SOW Download the Original 
MyMe Statement of Work
(50+ Pages) A fully detailed document that outlines the entire world of MyMe.TM It takes into account of many different systems and games.  It is a very good example of the expertise and quality of work produced by the ISO team
(written by Troy Hipolito).



Additional information & system components

The MyMe platformTM has a number of standard technologies and additional systems that help extend the variety of game play and flexibility to entirely different systems (Facebook, Social Networks, iPhone, Android, and others).

Below are a few of the additional system components.

icons_image_avatar_builder MyMe Avatar Builder component
Animated Interchangeable Avatars!
icon_image_level MyMe Level Editor component
Quickly Create Platform Levels for Flash Games
moves_tag MUVeS platform
Multi User Virtual Environment System


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