ISO develops “pharma” (i.e., medical) related database management systems, games, and applications including 3D, 2D, mobile apps, web sites, and everything else under the sun in the area of interactivity. Below are a few links to various “pharma” related projects we have created:

Title: Kids Hospital Virtual World Demo

Modeled after a real children’s hospital, the Kids Hospital Virtual World Demo is a  pre-rendered 3D virtual world which is designed to allow users  to become virtual “visitors” of hospitalized patients. Access to the “hospital” is achieved by using any username and password combination. Like many of the other virtual worlds ISO has built, this multi-user demo is designed to show that many people can “visit” the “hospital” just as they would in the real world.

m-hospital2Modeled after a real children’s hospital

Title: Interactive Eye Medical Device

The Interactive Eye Medical Device is a fully interactive, realistic 3D tool which a user, doctor, or patient can use to demonstrate—in a very interactive and visual way— how a procedure works.  One of the main benefits of the Interactive Eye Medical Device is that it serves to educate users, increasing their understanding and helping them to feel calmer about a particular procedure.

m-medicaldevice1Can be created for Web, Mobile, and download

Title: Medical Device Video

The Medical Device Video is a non-interactive, 3D animation brief video of a medical device or procedure.

m-medicaldevice2Video demo


Title: Dental 3D Video

The Dental 3D Video is a custom designed dental models and device animation.

m-dentialVideo Demo

Title: Human Body Select Animation

As the name suggests, the Human Body Select Animation is a stylized 2D vector art animation of the human body.

m-humanbody1Animation Demo

Title: Human Body Animation Menu

The Human Body Animation Menu is essentially a large list of stylized 2D animation vector art for the human body.


Title: User-Controlled Medical Model of the Heart > (download for the PC)

The User-Controlled Medical Model of the Heart is a fully interactive 3D heart intended to be used as a teaching tool. This particular model is a Windows PC download only.

Title: Control Avatar Feature

The Control Avatar Feature is a demo illustrating various functions of the human body, such as walking, running, falling, etc.

m-devilShockwave Demo

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