Employment Systems for Fortune 500 companies such as Target and others are very employee-centric and have detailed systems in place to maintain timesheets, scheduling, vacation and all sorts of features.

End Client(s): Target and other Fortune 500 Clients
Design Agency: ISO


These very detailed yet specific type of software are what we call big-ticket items. They typically range in the several millions of dollars per year contracts. So the competition is steep. And even a solid system with a great relationship and history with a Fortune 500 client has competitors nipping at their heals. Typically showing the latest and greatest thing to take away the software vendors contracts.


Updating the UI & UX was paramount in keeping their clients happy and preventing competitors from slipping in and taking over. Some very specific functionality, style and flow were created to modernize the system.

From consistent stylesheets and formatted emails to well thought out detailed administrative search features. Many of these were implemented to simply improve the workflow and modernize a visually outdated system.



Interface Gallery




  • Consistent CSS and unified designs throughout the entire system
  • Properly designed and formatted email templates for every type of request or response
  • Various simplified UX flow updates
  • Drag and drop user and administrator features
  • Designed to be updated in modules



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