Video games, website and traditional programming is great, but we also love to do actual traditional video production. In fact we just did a local car shoot to show off the camera crew at work and our video editing skills.

Project Type: Video Production
Project Description:Sports Car Video
Agency of Record: ISO Interactive


Build a demo to showcase the abilities of our production crew – something that could reach across various client needs. Demonstrate a single video that shows good use of sound, flavor of sexiness, nice quality, and good cost effective editing.


We created a sports car video with good music and some emotion; it looks really hot! That means we can support a number of local clients in addition to our world wide offerings. Clients for this type of work can range from a prestigious car dealership trying to showcase a car or make a commercial, to a music video production crew that needs help with a shoot,  or even a local event for video production.

The video below is an Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe with upgrades (of course).

We selected the location and models, wrote the script, captured the video, and made all the edits, to truly say ISO Interactive produced it!

This video shows what our production team can do:  select location, write scripts, capture video, and edit the video to the desired format.

There were a number of edits created before the final video. So we just lined them all up here – so the process can be seen.

car01 car2 car3

Shoot 1 (raw) | Shoot 2 (first test) | Shoot 3 (second test)

Below are a few photos from the video shoot.

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