Jumbo Cinema is a place to hang out with friends, meet new people and watch videos together in Real-time. It combines the experience of an online dressup game with a multi user synchronized YouTube Theater.

Client: Jumbo Cinema
URL:    http://www.jumbocinema.com
Type:   Virtual World with YouTube features


Although the concept of sharing videos as a group in real-time was intriguing, the previous project was unstable. It was chalked full of broken features and had extensive loading issues. The website was poorly developed via multiple unskilled teams and it needed to be redeveloped, creating a simplified user centric flow and a fun user experience.



Using the original business concepts ISO Interactive built the entire project from the ground up. We were able to create beautiful dress up features, full virtual world multi player features, easy Facebook / Twitter login and unified the world and video player features so individuals could watch YouTube videos in a real-time group setting.


We created a world that offers the full movie going experience from arriving outside the Theater to sitting down waiting for the video to begin.

You can explore several areas, change your avatar, interact and chat with others in real-time, add new friends to buddies console, have private conversations, start videos in your own theater and invite others!

Feature highlights:


  • YouTube virtual world integration
  • Watch videos together in real-time
  • Versatile avatar builder with color swatch
  • Facebook and Google integration
  • Play with friends
  • Polished design and dress up avatar options
  • Several areas to visit
  • Create and run your own YouTube theater
  • Private buddy features
  • Invite others to see your videos via Facebook and Twitter
  • Play several popup games
  • Powerful customized PyroCMS

Other cool stuff:

It is all in the details. We even designed cartoon avatars that matched their 3D rendered versions for the actual world. So with the color options you virtually have unlimited design combinations. You can notice micro animations such as the eye blinking or idle body movements.



ISO Interactive builds a number of customized Content and Member Managment Systems for various clients and games. However we found the extensibility and ease of customization of the PyroCMS to be a great fit for this project. So “kudos” to the open-source community that builds and supports such a great 3rd party tool.


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