Introducing Wendy’s New App. Everything you love and more!
Now you’ll be able to have more fun together and enjoy your favorite celebrity content right from your mobile phone.

Client: Wendy Williams Celebrity Talk Show Host 
Mobile App & Member Internet Management System


How to create an engaging-realtime connection and updates with the current and extending Wendy William’s audience for interesting lifestyle topics? And in the palm of the audience’s hands!


Produce a mobile app that allows easy access to Hot Topics, Shopping, Real-time thoughts and posts (from Wendy), an E-Trivia game that actually allows and invites people to the show! Combine that with the ability to easily update any material and reach out to users through a multi-channel social media path.

It is all about engagement! 

Hot Topics

Daily celebrity Hot Topic discussions where you get to chime in with fans.

Suddenly Wendy

Catch exclusive video content and go behind-the-scenes, for a closer look into Wendy’s world.


Challenge your celebrity and entertainment knowledge and compete for a chance to win prizes.


Shop Wendy’s OOTD, HSN Collection, Wendy’s merch, and new product recommendations.



Interface Gallery


App Features

The In-store app allows a plethora of features. Bringing you the hottest celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle content everyone’s talking about.


  • Planning editor features for setting up the process
  • Calendar features for setting up future events
  • Secure login features
  • Online syncing for reporting
  • Point system to identify task scores
  • File and link retrieval with an integrated file system

Special Features:

  • Multi-level administrative permissions
  • Auto email request changes
  • Reporting tools
  • Site search functionality
  • Specific Image functions
  • SSL protected



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